Demo: Form mode

Ways to show the tip/payment form

  • As a button with a pop-up
  • As a text link with a pop-up
  • Embedded in-place

Creating a simple “Leave a tip” payment form on your website with Tip Jar WP is extremely easy. Once you have installed the plugin and gone through the setup wizard, it’s as easy as placing the


shortcode on any page or post!

When you view that page from the frontend, the shortcode will be automatically replaced by a tip form.

Demo: Podcast Player with Donation Form

Displaying the latest episode of your podcast via Tip Jar WP is incredibly simple, and it’s an amazing way to “tie” a payment form to your podcast, right where people are listening!

To do so follow these easy steps:

1. Create a new post

In your WordPress dashboard, go to “Posts” > “Add New”.

2. Add the Tip block to the post

Click on the “plus” button to add a new block to the post.

3. Type the word “tip” to search for the block, then click it

4. Click on “Edit”

Now that the Tip Jar Payment Form is on your page, find and click on the “edit” button labelled with “Optional place to display audio or video.”

5. Upload your MP3 file for your podcast episode

6. Click “Use Item” and publish!

Once you have uploaded your MP3 file, click “Use Item” at the bottom right to insert it. Once you have, the MP3 player will automatically show up in the Tip Form.

7. Publish the post!

That’s all you need to do! Simply click “Publish” at the top right, and your podcast is ready for the world to hear, with a beautiful donation form directly attached!

A working demo

Once you have completed the steps above, you’ll have something that looks and works exactly like the demo below: